Hi ūüĎčūüŹĽ
I am Anshum!

a Web Developer and Web Designer from India

I specialise in  Front End РFullstack Web Development, UI Design and SEO

I believe a lot goes into building a product that impacts the lives of millions and that is what I’m looking forward to do

Tech Stack










Mongo DB



Design Stack


Adobe XD

Work Experience


  • Built a custom CMS for the organization to handle the entire content of the web app, chrome extension and mobile apps from a single place with a flawless review system allowing Quillbot to scale to 150+ countries in over 200 languages.
  • Tech Involved : Next, React, Nest, REST, GIT, MongoDB, Figma
  • Impact : Made the content updation and creating process streamlined and efficient without developer intervention and allowed the company to reach over 200 countries.


  • Delivered full scale features in the banking and growth pod, took ownweship to create the loans digest from scratch and adding a lot more capabilites to the web platform.
  • Tech Involved: ReactJS, Custom API‚Äôs, Strapi, TypeScript, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, GIT
  • Impact: Stramlined processes for easier implementation, provided access to knowledge on loans through, the web app to over 25 million users
Screenshot 2022-12-02 at 8.32.00 PM
Screenshot 2022-12-02 at 8.42.15 PM

Webloom Inc (Swiggy Ph)

  • ¬†Developed multiple features in Swiggy Ph an internal productivity tool for Swiggy. Took ownership to create the notes feature in which users can leave notes in meetings which are distributed to allattendees in real-time and can assign to different users.
  • Tech Involved: ReactJS, Firebase, Firestore Real-Time Database, Google Calendar APIs, Material UI
    Components, GIT
  • Impact: Being used by 8,000+ Swiggy employees in 10,000+ meetings on a daily basis, increasing
    productivity and saving time


  • Worked on multiple projects from front to back creating digital platforms for brands. Some of them are¬†JulyIssue, Eko-Guarantee, RunWithAman
  • ¬†Tech Involved: ReactJS, NodeJS, Bootstrap, JavaScript/JQuery, WordPress, CSS
  • Impact: Helped multiple brands increase exposure, brand awareness, conversions, and boost sales.
Screenshot 2022-12-02 at 8.52.50 PM

Side Projects


  • ¬†Took ownership to develop the web app for DCongest taking on both the front and backend and¬† creating a community-based solution.
  • ¬†Tech Involved: NodeJs, ExpressJs, MongoDB, EJS, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap
  • ¬†Impact: The project was a part of a hackathon in which the solution won, currently the parts of the¬† solution are being taken up and implemented by the Bengaluru Government, DULT & BMTC.

Write Right

  • ¬†Developed the project using the MVC Model using various APIs to help students easily write their
    assignments without much worry.
  • ¬†Tech Involved: NodeJs, ExpressJs, MongoDB, ReactJS, CSS, SAAS, JSON, Microsoft Azure Vision API
  • ¬†Impact: The project helped over 50 students to complete their assignments in seconds and focus more on their skills.

Gym Buddies

  • Built the solution independently from scratch with the college gym in mind, allowing real-time
    database verification through QR codes and live count of people in the gym, to prevent COVID
  • ¬†Tech Involved: NodeJs, ExpressJs, MongoDB, Javascript, HTML, CSS, NextJs
  • ¬†Impact: The project was appreciated by faculties and is in talks to be implemented live on the college campus.
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